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Home Medical Equipment Locations

Center for Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Moskovsky prospect 104 b | Voronezh, Voronezhskaya oblast' 394067

Treatment of snoring is a complex task, sometimes requiring the participation of various specialists - otorhinolaryngologist, neurologist, dentist,... Read More

Home Medical Equipment Locations

Trimm Medical Systems

ul. Nikitinskaya, 52A of 43 | Voronezh, Voronezhskaya oblast' 394018

The group of companies "TRIMM" unites medical specialists, designers, technologists, architects and engineers in its team, which makes it possible ... Read More

Home Medical Equipment Locations

Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital

Moscow Avenue, 151, bldg 1 | Voronezh, Voronezhskaya oblast' 394067

The center of respiratory medicine and somnology is the largest in Voronezh and in the entire Chernozem region. Read More