Nasal Dilators: A Simple Device for a Good Night's Sleep

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One of the key body parts to a good night’s sleep is the nose. Being about to breath through your nose rather than your mouth is a way to optimize sleep and can improve long term health. The action of breathing through your nose can be compromised by congestion, blockages, deviated septums, and even just narrow airways, which can all cause interrupted sleep, snoring, and in severe cases, sleep apnea. So what is a way to help keep your nose clear and get a good night’s sleep? 

One of the first lines of defense when it comes to keeping your nose clear so you can breathe easy is nasal dilators. Nasal dilators are a small device meant to be inserted into the nostrils to keep them clear and increase airflow, allowing you to breathe and reduce snoring. Nasal dilators can also be strips that are placed along the bridge of the nose, opening airways from the outside.

Nasal dilators work by opening up airways that are closed or small due to congestions, deviated septums, allergies, or simple snoring. They can help with more severe ailments such as obstructive sleep apnea but are not usually recommended. 

If you wish to use nasal dilators it is best to speak with your doctor first to see if nasal dilators are the answer to your problem or see if you need to locate your nearest sleep center in order to have a sleep study conducted. If your doctor does recommend a nasal dilator, they can be found at your local medical supply store.

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