Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my business is already listed on the HME directory?

First navigate the HME Directory and search for your listing. We have thousands of listings and your business could be one of them.

How do I access membership if my company is featured on HME?

If your business already appears on the site, you do not need to create a new account. Simply navigate to your business’ page and locate “HIPAA requires health care providers to ensure that their business associates will safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI). HME would like to credit all trademarks, images, photographs, and word descriptions to the businesses, sleep centers, manufacturers and their associates, to their website and social media for the images and descriptions for this directory link to their services. HME Locations claims no rights to the images displayed and all rights to the images used are the property of the associated. Business owners, Click Here.” at the bottom of your listing – then choose your MEMBERSHIP Type– Medical Equipment, Manufacturer, Sleep Centers with Virtual

If you already have an account, login here

How do I join the HME directory as a new member if I am not on the site?

Set up a HME account, by signing up here:

Only minimum information is required and you will be logged in automatically.

How do I choose my MEMBERSHIP Medical Equipment, Manufacturer, Sleep Centers with Virtual

See Membership levels

You may be required to enter your credit card information depending on which level you choose.

If you already have an account, login here:

Why joining the HME Network is a GREAT idea!

● This will be your main control panel:

● Paid memberships - Add a New Medical Equipment Business, New Manufacturer, or New Sleep Center with Virtual

● Enter all of the business' information here: name, address, phone, website, email, images, and description of your business.

● Edit Profile for Your Business-It will allow you to enter your personal and billing information.

● Request Admin –allows you to manage all your information requests for each of your businesses

When I obtain a membership what is on my directory link?

● You can add or edit:

● Information about your business, such as Name, Address (necessary for displaying the Google Maps), State, Country, phone number, link to website (or other complementary link), description of company, contact email, and Pictures.

● For more information on Membership plans, click here.

What does it mean to be a Sleep Center with Virtual?

Members of Sleep Center with Virtual maintain all the benefits of being a part of HME PLUS:

● 3D virtual tour

● 3D operator sent directly to your business

● Automatic walkthrough for clients

● First person point of view

How do I edit content and upload pictures?

Medical Equipment or Sleep Center Pictures

Each business can have its own repository of pictures.

Upload multiple pictures of your listing

Once uploaded, you can drag pictures from the thumbnail and drop them to a free slot.

Place pictures in each slot in the order on which you would like them to be displayed. The slot #1 is the primary picture used on search results.

The remaining images are displayed when the business details are displayed on the website. In the details page all the venue information shows up: * Description, Address, Map,Information Form, etc.

You can move pictures around in any order you choose, or delete as well

How do I save my information?

Click on UPDATE before you leave the site to save you information.

What are the DELETE buttons?

The DELETE Business button will remove the listing from the website, this operation cannot be undone.

There is also a red DELETE PICTURE button on the editing page.

What are the benefits of remaining up-to-date with my information?

Make sure your information is up to date for 2 reasons:

  1. The system will need to send you information about your businesses.
  2. The system will need to be able to charge your credit card, when it’s necessary to renew a membership.

A credit card is necessary for renewing the subscription of a business and preserve its visibility.

Describe important information about my account and information request

With it, you can see the personal information for the requesting party, and the status of the request, for example Rejected or Accepted.

By clicking the MANAGE button in the request admin, you will be able to manage a single request on a single business.

You can add notes, change the status of the information request (accepted / rejected) and also send emails to the requesting party.

When you are comfortable with the request settings, click the ACCEPT button. If you change your mind, you can always REJECT a request.

Deleting a single request will delete this information from your records. If you are undecided, use instead the REJECT button.

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