The Other Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

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Doctors and patients who are familiar with sleep apnea are well versed in the common symptoms of the disorder, like snoring, fatigue, and dry mouth. However, there are other symptoms that one would be surprised to know can actually also be linked to sleep apnea.


Depression and sleep apnea actually share many symptoms, and if sleep apnea goes untreated it can lead to depression, and vice versa. Researchers have yet to find a clear reason as to how and why the to are so well connected.

Sleep-Interrupting Bathroom Trips

Healthy individuals may have a normal nightly routine of going to the restroom, but more than once a night could possibly be a sign of sleep apnea. The body sends signals to wake you when your airways are blocked, and unknowingly, you may be taking this as a sign to go to the restroom multiple times throughout the night.

Difficulty Driving

Sleep helps the body stay in peak condition and is crucial in keeping fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination at its best. If someone suffers from sleep apnea they can have difficulty with things like driving due to lack of concentration and reflexes.

Weight Gain

It’s known that obesity can cause sleep apnea, but weight gain with no obvious reason is also a symptom of the disorder. While we sleep, the body uses the time of rest to restore itself from the wear and tear of the day. If sleep apnea goes untreated and the patient lacks proper rest, the body will not restore itself properly, which can lead to weight gain.

If you believe you suffer from any of these symptoms, along with the normal symptoms of sleep apnea, talk to your doctor or visit your nearest sleep center today.


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