How to Safely Use a Hospital Bed at Home

Hospital beds are some of the most important (and useful) types of home medical equipment you can get. If your loved one is recovering from a surgery or injury or suffers from a certain health condition, an in-home hospital bed can offer much-needed support. 

Not only do hospital beds maximize comfort, but they help users manage simple tasks, such as getting in and out of bed, sitting up to eat, and finding a comfortable resting position. 

But bringing a hospital bed into your home can present some unforeseen problems.

Below, we’ve listed the steps you should take to ensure you are safely using your in-home hospital bed. 

Home Hospital Bed Safety Tips 

  • Review the manufacturer’s instructions – If any in-home assembly is required, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions to a T. Then, once built, review the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe use.

  • Double-check all the parts & mechanisms – As you set up the bed, keep an eye out for parts that are damaged or just don’t fit correctly. Don’t forget to test out the positioning mechanisms.

  • Lock the wheels at all times – There’s really no reason for you to unlock the bed’s wheels unless you are going to change the location of the bed in your home.

  • Use those side rails – Designed to prevent dangerous falls, the side rails should be up anytime the patient is not getting in or out of bed.

  • Get a good night light – Users and caretakers need to see clearly to avoid falls during night-time trips to the bathroom.

  • Provide easy phone access – A phone and a bell should be placed within reach of the user so they can contact their caretaker when they need assistance.

  • Make sure the user understands how to change position – The control pad should be within reach at all times. Avoid tangling the control pad cord in the bed rails.

  • Do NOT use the bed if it produces a burning odor – Call the manufacturer if you notice a strange burning smell or abnormal noises coming from the bed.

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