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Home Medical Equipment Locations

King Med

Street No 28/A-10 Cinar Industrial Site | Izmir, Izmir 35663

KNG Medical product range; Sleep Lab supplies and adhesives (Collodium), EEG Laboratory consumables, Bronchial Lavage / Mucus collection containers... Read More

Home Medical Equipment Locations

Medikal Cihaz Satis

847/1 Sokak No: 8/E arcades | Izmir, Izmir 35663

Our company has understood the importance of education in the health sector ald?rarak necessary training to all employees in the sector aims to be ... Read More

Home Medical Equipment Locations

Sesan Medical

847/1 Sokak No: 8/F Saglik ls Hani | Izmir, Izmir 35663

Our innovative structure, we believe we have the ability to produce definite solution to all our customers. Read More